Meeting Women The First Time

When meeting a woman for the first time or interacting with a woman they already know, many guys are worried about showing their sexual interest and will say things like:  “I don’t want her thinking that I don’t respect her.”“I want her to know that she is special to me.”“I want her to know that I’m interested in a relationship, not just sex. I’m not a sleaze.”“I’m worried about ruining our friendship.”“I’m worried that if I tell her I like her, she will reject me and I will then be embarrassed and have ruined my opportunity with her.”“My plan is to be as close to her as possible as a friend and hopefully she will develop feelings for me over time.”While a guy like that is wasting time by thinking in that way, another guy simply comes along, makes her feel sexual attraction and then escalates to kissing, sex and a relationship. The Friend or Extra is then left wondering what just happened. GET YOUR FREE REPORT